It turns out that the key to turning your customers into loyal followers and earning their support and trust is…talking to them?!

What a thought!

While technology evolves at miles per minute – and our habits with it – as humans we still have that primal instinct to feel connected with each other. We form communities and groups, on or offline, in order to fulfill our need to be heard. Receiving social approval gives us a sense of importance and validation, which keeps us coming back for more.

The attention you give to each of your followers is the key to connecting with them and standing out amongst the 40 million small businesses on Facebook.

  1. Share content your audience identifies with.
  2. When they do interact with your post, make them feel noticed by interacting back.
  3. Answer their questions professionally, but personably. Remember, you’re talking to real people, not faceless strangers on the internet.
This might sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many brands don’t get involved with their followers or make the attempt to connect with them on a personal or emotional level.

When proposing our audience management strategies to clients, they often react with something like “you’re gonna reply to every Facebook comment?!?” No, friend, we’re going to engage your audience and give them an extraordinary experience that may or may not make them want to come back for more. Our track record has shown it’s more often “may”.

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