If you can’t clearly describe your product or service in one sentence, your customers are confused.

Our CEO and founder, Kim Kelley, said that, and I enjoy watching the reaction everyone gets when they hear her say it. It’s like this moment of introspection where they forget everything they’ve ever believed and relearn it all in the same instant.

Most people feel that the more detail they divulge, the more interesting they sound, or that we need to include every bit of information about their product or service to ensure it’s fully understood. *EEEERRRRR* Wrong.

It’s likely that your potential customer tuned you out and is already considering where they can ACTUALLY find the answer to their question, since you’ve not only bored them to death, but now they are also severely confused!

While it is important to highlight what makes your service different and better than your competitors, remember the reason why your customers want to hire you in the first place! It’s likely they need the benefits your service offers, and all your mumbo jumbo isn’t solving their specific question or problem.

Take a minute to consider the message you’re leaving your customers. What is your business or service at its core? What makes it stand out?

Try to boil it all down to one sentence and create a clear elevator pitch that will inform and intrigue your customers. This will encourage them to ask for more, rather than you drowning them with information they are not interested in from the get go.

At Grow Online, we work to improve your messaging to allow for an easier user experience. Need help defining your message? We can’t wait to help!

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