Does your product or service appeal to your ideal audience? If you’re not sure, that probably means it doesn’t. Not to say it’s not a good product, you may just not be communicating it correctly, or targeting the right audience! 

Take a deep, hard look at your product or service and ask yourself what you’re selling, what problems it solves, and who you’re selling to. For most people, while their “problem” may be (or seem) physical, there is often an emotional desire behind it. “I want to be accepted, I want to be happy, I want to be safe.” When you understand the real reason behind why your customer is purchasing, you can tweak your messaging to help communicate how your product or service is the solution to their problem.

Are you selling make-up, or confidence? Are you selling a watch, or are you selling status? Are you selling a bottle of wine, or an escape from the real world where work is stressful, the kids are loud, and the husband farts in his sleep?… Sorry, that escalated quickly. 

The point is, identify WHY your customer needs your products or services and speak to that need! Focus your messaging on the real reason why your customer will benefit from it, keep your pitch down to a sentence, and watch your client base grow! And if it doesn’t, SUE ME!*

*Please don’t.


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