As a serial entrepreneur, one of my passions is helping other business owners excel at building online brands, connecting their message to their customers, and attracting a fiercely loyal following. Also, avoiding the mistakes I and many have made.

I started Grow Online after launching my first ecommerce business in 2011 and quickly realizing “if you build it, they will not always come.” The concept of “marketing your products and services online” can be daunting for most business owners who are masters of their trade, but don’t understand the intricacies of running a successful online empire. For me, it’s a passion.

What started as a side hustle of helping fellow small business owners build their website and market their products online quickly evolved into my passion. Which thankfully, turned into a successful career. My team went from just myself, to me and a few part-time contractors, to a staff of 35 people who managed almost every aspect of our client’s online presence – including digital marketing, audience management, customer service, graphic and web design, web development, SEO, PR, event planning and management, product launches, influencer and affiliate marketing, and an array of unorthodox marketing strategies.

Now, as an established digital marketing agency and as a business owner who cares way too much about my client’s success, customers, and online presence, I want to help as many aspiring entrepreneurs as possible to crush their goals and win at the art of connecting with their audience.

I won’t just refer you to the typical “how to start a business” listicle with steps like “identify your business opportunity,” “create a business plan,” or “choose a business structure.” Aside from none of those steps answering the question of “how do I start a business,” it also leaves out the crucial “how do I make my business successful” part.

The short answer is, it depends … on a lot of factors. There are best practices and tricks of the trade that I’d love to teach you, but there’s no “one size fits all” strategy for creating and building your brand, effectively communicating with your audience, and properly showcasing your products and services while creating enough “hype” to get your business noticed on the Interwebs. That’s why we need to talk!

One of my latest initiatives is helping to break down the overwhelming amount of information and give you the bite-sized, easily digestible pieces that anyone can apply today to upgrade their business practices.

If you’re serious about building a kick ass brand, I’d love to set up a 30 minute meeting with you. Tell me about your business and customers, what your goals are, and what your biggest obstacles have been, and let’s create a winning plan of action.