Understanding Your Consumers

Online marketing can be tricky since you can’t see physical people walking in, browsing, and then either leaving or making a purchase. For traditional business owners…

What is Marketing?

If I asked 10 business owners to define marketing in a sentence, I’d likely get answers like “advertising your products and services” or “getting your name out there.” Those very broad descriptions would tell me they’re “doing marketing” because that’s what you’re...

Speak To My Human Side

It turns out that they key to turning your customers into loyal followers and earning their support and trust is…talking to them?!

How Nike Used Controversy To Grab Our Attention

The initial controversy over Nike’s “Believe in Something” ad ignited all kinds of viral emotions, debates, and boycotts, then ended up skyrocketing the company’s value by $6 Billion.

How it started

As a serial entrepreneur, one of my passions is helping other business owners excel at building online brands, connecting their message to their customers, and attracting a fiercely loyal following. Also, avoiding the mistakes I and many have made. I started Grow...

What’s hot?

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