We’ve all heard time and again that in order to develop a loyal customer base, we have to create an emotional connection to our audience.

While that sounds absolutely lovely, the real question here is “how do I go from being a new service or product and connecting emotionally with a whole bunch of people I don’t know?”

It can be daunting, I know. That’s why I compiled 5 simple and practical tips you can implement today to help your audience connect with you and actually start looking forward to your posts:

1. Tell a story

Humans are more likely to remember stories than facts or statistics. If you want your brand, product, or company to stand out and be remembered, you’ve got to get your audience caught up in the story behind why you do what you do. Sharing your tale makes you personable, relatable, and likeable.

2. Give something away

Everybody loves free shit don’t you?

Doing a giveaway every now and then will keep your followers happy and keep them anticipating your posts.  It doesn’t have to be a huge, mind-blowing prize; just show your audience you like them by giving them a chance to win something every now and then.

3. Listen to your followers; treat them like the experts

So many times we labor over trying to anticipate or guess what our customers want and we don’t even think of just asking them!

Back to the basics, friends. People love to feel that their opinions are heard and valued. Ask your audience what they think about your product, content, user experience, customer service – anything really!

Ask how you can help them and serve them better. Not only will you get great insights, but your audience will love you for it and create a positive mental image of your brand.

4. Be responsive

It’s not enough to just ask questions and stir up engagement, you have to be responsive and helpful. One of the biggest turn-offs for a customer is asking a question or even giving a compliment and never hearing back or being acknowledged. Again, it goes back to human nature; no one likes to be ignored.

A real, helpful, human response to any comments or messages goes a long way, it’s 100% worth the time invested.

5. Get controversial

Don’t be afraid of stirring up a little drama now and then. When people get “on your side” in a controversial debate, they automatically feel connected to you and like a part of your “team”.

It’s true that those who don’t share your opinion may not be lovers of your brand, but it’s worth the strong emotion and sense of belonging that you’ll evoke in those who do.

Don’t believe me? Ask Nike! 😉

I look forward to you trying these out and hearing how they work out for you! I don’t just want you to develop a following, I want you to have the best, most dedicated, engaged, and attentive following possible!

Got specific questions? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you!