Giveaways can be a fun, awesome marketing tool to help increase engagement and strengthen your relationship with your audience.

Unfortunately, they can also be a big waste of time and resources if they aren’t done right.

All too often, I see people excitedly announcing their grand giveaway on their social media accounts only to receive minimal attention and response. What this leads to is one happy winner chosen out of a small pool of engagement, leaving the generous poster frustrated and with their needs unmet.

Here are 4 tips for successful giveaways to help ensure that they are worth your time and effort and that they help you cultivate a loyal following.

1. Begin with a clear goal in mind

Before you do anything else, determine what you want to accomplish with your giveaway. Do you want to grow your following, gain information about your audience, increase engagement on your page, or promote your brand and create awareness?  

You can do as many giveaways as you want over time, but it’s important to choose just one main goal per occasion so that you can set a clear call to action for people to follow in order to participate.

One of the best ways to discourage engagement and participation is by including too many action steps that your participants have to follow. Keep it simple, straightforward, and goal oriented.

2. Explain your why

We’ve talked about this before: people love a good story. They love to know about your “why”. Sometimes just the idea of winning something isn’t enough, you have to establish a connection with your audience to make them want to associate with you.

Are you celebrating a new goal reached in your company, a new product, a special day, or a special person? Create a story behind your giveaway. Share some context with your followers that they can relate to. This will help them bond with you and give them an increased desire to get involved.

3. Give it a boost

It’s worth the investment to create some teaser ads to announce your giveaway and the value of your prize. Note: if you already have a big following with loads of regular engagement, this might not be necessary. However, if you’re still building your following, or if your engagement is lacking, a short and sweet Facebook or Instagram ad campaign can do the trick.

Direct your ads to your target audience, and put some thought and effort into a cute, eye-catching creative or video ad that’ll get people interested.

Also, be sure to put thought into how you advertise your prize! Don’t be shy about showing off a little and thoroughly emphasizing the value of what you’re giving away.

4. Milk it

Your audience’s engagement and response go a long way towards strengthening your brand.

The organic participation you’ll get from your giveaway is gold, it can help you to create groundswell for your next big product launch or your next social media campaign.

Exactly how you do this will be determined by what your goals are (see step 1), so be sure to base your call to action off of that.

By no means is this a comprehensive list, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

You can ask your followers to:

   Share in the comments what they like most about your product/service (testimonials)

   Share their experience/results (social proof)

   Share a photo of them with your product (free content)

   Share your post on their page (word of mouth & brand awareness)

Above all else, keep in mind that your participants are real people just like YOU who are casually scrolling through their news feed in any given moment.

Think about what would get you to stop scrolling by and actually motivate you to jump in and participate in someone’s giveaway — then do that!

I can’t wait for you to implement these practical tips and let us know how they paid off!


Got specific questions? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you!