In case you haven’t caught the memo, Instagram’s new and improved Explore page was specifically optimized to give its users a more personalized and targeted experience than ever before.

There are quite a few nifty, new features to try out if you haven’t yet! To name just a couple, you can see stories on the Explore page now which is an interesting new twist and will give you great ideas of new accounts to follow. You can also browse all kinds of products through the new “shop” feature and create collections of items and accounts you love.

This is not just great for our overall ‘gram’ experience, it’s also happens to be a great tool for better advertising your brand on Instagram and reaching your ideal target audience.

Ready to learn more!? If so, read on for 3 down-to-earth tips that will help your Instagram content get discovered by a much wider audience via the Explore window.

1. Research what kind of content your target audience is interested in.

This kind of research is due diligence and a “must” for anyone promoting on social media. Find out what hashtags and other accounts they follow and start to include them in your posts and stories!

This kind of research can be done manually and tracked on a spreadsheet or whatever system works for you, but you can also employ some social listening tools that will make the job much more speedy and breezy and provide you with some really cool insights.

2. Engage, engage…and engage some more!

The more people are engaging with your posts, the more likely the Instagram algorithm will determine your content is worth sharing with even more viewers.

Achieving high engagement is one of the biggest challenges that new Instagram accounts face. What you choose to post, when, and where is all dependant on your specific social media marketing strategy and should be specific to your target audience.

If you need a few specific steps for how to develop a loyal and engaged social media following, check out this article.

Bonus tip: the more video and animated content you’re posting, the more likely you are to increase engagement, specifically on Instagram.

3. Take advantage of Insta’s rad new shopping spot.

Have you noticed there’s a new shop section on the Explore page!? This is a huge win for brands who advertise on Instagram, and a great opportunity for your product posts to get more exposure. You can mention and tag products in your posts to get them to show up in the shopping section for people who are actively looking for the category of products that you have to offer.

The reality is that the struggle for views and attention on Instagram is higher than ever before, but it’s also more targeted and personalized. What this means is that brands need to step it up and develop a content and communication strategy which transmits a clear message, and grabs those Instagrammer’s attention via their posts.
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